French Manicure
Gel Manicure
Gel Soakoff


Relax and enjoy customized care for your feet. This rejuvenating service includes maintenance and grooming of the nails and cuticles followed by exfoliation and massage using your choice of an Aveda aroma.
Express Pedicure
A great way to pass the time while your color is processing. We include the best parts of the pedicure: a quick shaping, relaxing massage and nail painting.
Spa Pedicure


Airbrush Add
False Eyelashes
Bridal Trial Makeup
Bridal Makeup Application (in salon)
Bridal Makeup Application (on site)
Bridal Attendant Makeup (in salon)
Bridal Attendant Makeup (on site)
Includes false lashes

Aveda makeup not only cares for your skin, it also cares for nature. By using antioxidants, conditioners, pigments and aromas derived from plants, flowers and minerals, you can feel confident knowing that you are respecting your skin, as well as the Earth.