3 Reasons Why You Need A Spray Tan

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and we know you want to look and feel great. With the colors of the holiday and of the pending Spring being reds, pinks, gold and purples, a bit of bronze can really help make those shades pop.  You don’t have to wait for the sun to come out to get your glow on—in fact, it’s best to just make an appointment with us for a spray tan. Here are three reasons why:

1 - It’s the safest way to glow

You’ll never have to worry about skin cancer or other skin-related issues that come from spending too much time in the sun. We use Infinity Sun©, a natural sunless tanning product enriched with anti-aging antioxidants and botanicals that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and beautifully bronzed. Always hand sprayed, not by machine!

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2 - Year-Round Tan

You can be tanned and glowing all year round despite any bad weather that could be coming our way. You can purchase your tans one at a time or in a series of five (which includes one free session) so you can look like you just got back from vacation all year long.

3 - Major Confidence Boost

When you look great, you’ll feel great. Spray tans contour and add definition to your natural features, making you appear lean and toned. You’ll love how your new glow pulls together your whole look—and we’ll venture to say, so would your Valentine. 

Book a spray tan for yourself for $45 or bring a friend and you each get $10 off, just mention SPRAYLOVE when booking!


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