10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Month (Forever)

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April is Earth Month! As a place of beauty and wellness, we’d like to share some ideas to change up your routine to be more environmentally friendly—not just this month, but every day, because “Earth Month” should be a lifelong thing.

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1: HAVE NO-WASH DAYS Did you know that if you cut minutes from your shower, you could save six gallons of water a day? Giving your hair a little wash break not only helps with texture and preserving the natural oils in your hair, but it also saves water. For days when you don’t wash, you can keep your scalp clean and revived with Aveda’s new Rinseless Refresh. It uses no-rinse micellar technology to cleanse the scalp and revives the natural texture of your hair while providing lightweight hold and frizz control. Complete your no-wash day hair routine with Shampure dry shampoo to absorb excess oil as well as the new Heat Relief which conditions and protects against thermal damage up to 450 degrees.

2: HANG OUT WITH MOTHER NATURE The next time you feel like hanging out, whether on a romantic date or a fun day with friends, invite Mother Nature and let her be the star of the outing. Enjoy your surroundings by going hiking or for a long bike ride, visit a farmer’s market and make an amazing meal out of organic locally-sourced ingredients, or go stargazing and let the cosmos be your candlelight.

3: GET CRAFTY Before you go and throw away your empties, try to find a new purpose for them. Your glass and plastic bottles can easily be turned into candle holders, flower vases, food & storage containers and even super cute planters.

4: CLOTHES SWAP If you’ve jumped on the Marie Kondo bandwagon, then you’ve probably been getting rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy, including clothes. Make this an experience that also sparks joy by hosting a clothes swap. Have your friends bring over their unwanted articles of clothing and swap out some of your stuff for some of theirs. You’d be amazed at the gems you might find. 

5: LITRE-SHIP SKILLS  Save money, time and plastic! Purchasing your favorite Aveda shampoo and conditioner in litres costs 20% less per ounce and uses up to 28% less plastic by cutting down the amount of times you have to refill it.

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Incorporating more plants into your life is not only better for the planet but also better for your personal health. Consider going for a more plant-based diet, as well as using non-toxic beauty and cleaning products. The harsh chemicals in our food and products can cause long-term health defects and wreak havoc on our environment. Aveda’s products are non-toxic, cruelty-free and packaged in post-consumer recycled materials.


Catalogs, flyers, bills and promotional materials use up so much paper and let’s face it, that stuff usually ends up right in the garbage. By opting for paperless bill pay, email newsletters and online subscriptions, you are greatly reducing the amount of paper used. Not only that, but going digital gives you quicker and easier access to these documents.


If you can walk there — walk there! If you can bike there — bike there! Look into setting up a carpool to work or places you frequent. If you’re going longer distances, rely on mass transit options like city buses and light rail systems. When you call for an Uber, Lyft, or any other ride-share, check out their “pool” option and share rides with people going in the same direction. (It’s much cheaper, too.)  


Source: Aveda.com


Most of us have never struggled to get clean water. But for millions of people around the world, water isn’t a simple and available resource. From the beginning, Aveda has been passionate about protecting and providing clean water to those who need it. This year they’ve partnered with charity: water to make a major impact for clean water. Since 2006, charity: water has raised $230 million for clean-water initiatives, funding over 35,000 water projects and serving 9.5 million people. What does this have to do with you? You can support them by purchasing a limited-edition half-litre of Shampure Hand and Body Wash with special Earth Month packaging. 100% of your purchase will directly fund their sustainable water projects.


What better time than Earth Month to focus on this important issue? This year, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Aveda and Charity: Water to help raise funds for clean and safe drinking water for people in developing countries. Our goal this year is to raise $4,000 and we are confident that we will reach that goal—but we need help from YOU. 

This year, we are selling water drops to raise money for Charity: Water. When you purchase a drop, you can write your name on it (or dedicate it to someone you love) and we will hang them on the stylist’s mirrors as well as the front desk.

You can also participate in our raffle; purchase a ticket for $20 or more at Soiree, or donate $20 or more through Charity: Water's website and we will enter you into the raffle. The winner will receive a $500 gift card to Soiree! Contest ends May 1, 2019.

Come in and help us make a difference. Book your appointment here.

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